SEISHIN products : Air-Knocker (Food Grade Type)


Especially for Food Grade and Pharmaceutical of Air Knocker

Air knocker is a unique equipment to remove powders clogged to an object such as hopper, tank and chute for storage, carriage, drying, pulverizing and dust collection. 


Air knocker operates only by compressed air and therefore is highly safe. When compressed air is supplied to an air knocker, an inside piston strikes its base plate. The impact power is transmitted to a hopper through the base plate, and clogging or bridge of powders in the hopper is resolved. Then the powder materials are removed and product flow is maintained without blockage or interruption.


There is no continuous vibration to cause bridging or packing of powders. The mechanism is very simple and there is no unnecessary abuse of equipment.


Our air knocker’s main body is made of aluminum alloy casting and has a simple structure. Therefore, it is lighter than other similar products made of steel. Set up and replacement of spare parts are very easy, too.


You can solve problems like adherence or bridge of powders by our air knockers without any damage to your equipment. Various models are available depending on installation places and applications.